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Climbing Mt. Kiamo via Palalihan Ridge: The Pitcher Plant mountain

Mt. Kiamo campsite
Mt. Kiamo campsite
Mt. Kiamo's unique adventure

Mt. Kiamo is a mountain that combines both challenge and welcoming hospitality, making it an exciting adventure suitable for everyone. Our two-day weekend expedition to this renowned pitcher plant mountain in Malaybalay brought us close to the city’s heart. Within minutes of travel, we were surrounded by a beautiful landscape featuring majestic pine trees and vast fields, attracting nature enthusiasts seeking its unspoiled grandeur.

Mt. Kiamo open trail
Arrival at Sabangan

The trek, positioned between simplicity and challenge, was both intriguing and inviting, posing the initial question of whether it was solely for avid hikers or had other commercial intentions. Regardless, the atmosphere warmly embraced all visitors. The area provided ample parking, a small store for essentials, a water source for refills, and a cozy cottage for rest. As fellow adventurers gathered, we set off across open fields, passing contented grazing cows, vegetable gardens, and fruit trees, creating a vibrant panorama.


Mt. Kiamo starting trek
River Crossing

The journey included crossing a small river, adding an element of excitement. At a crossroads with pipes and a reservoir, a larger river marked our campsite threshold, offering a reliable water source. The river crossing, navigated with ropes, became a thrilling team-building experience, with seasoned trekkers leading, others providing support, and the strong helping carry bags. Arriving at the campsite felt like entering a sanctuary, showcasing Mt. Kiamo’s unique charm with distinctive vegetation, diverse terrain, changing weather, and an enthralling trail.

Mt. Kiamo group socials
Campsite Experience

The campsite came alive in the late afternoon and early morning, with breathtaking mountain ranges casting enchanting shadows against the sky. The natural isolation provided a genuine escape from urban life, allowing immersion in the experience and rediscovery of one’s humanity. 

Hike to Mt. Kiamo via Palalihan Ridge

The following morning, we embarked on a hike to Mt. Kiamo via the Palalihan Ridge, offering panoramic views of surrounding mountain ranges. The trail, at times steep and slippery, led through lush foliage and featured the pitcher plants the mountain is known for.

Mt. Kiamo water crosssing
The Peak and Descent

On the left wing of the ridge, a higher mountain beckoned, but organizers discouraged exploration beyond Sabangan’s boundaries connecting to Mt. Kiamo’s peak via the Kibalabag trail. After enjoying snacks, camaraderie, and photography, we descended back to the campsite, where the straightforward journey was intensified by the sun’s relentless rays. Mt. Kiamo’s blend of challenge and hospitality provided an accessible and thrilling adventure for all, with diverse experiences contributing to a rich and rewarding adventure.

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