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Exploring Battlefield Tagurano: A Trail Guide

Battlefield Cafe viewdeck
Battlefield Cafe viewdeck
Direction and Coordinates

Located at Tagurano, Davao City, with coordinates of 7.040452 latitude and 125.370439 longitude, Battlefield Peak is a minor hike classified as beginner level with trail classes 1 and 2.

Nestled in Tagurano, Toril, Battlefield Peak serves as a hiking haven in the midst of Tagurano’s semi-urban landscape. It provides complete amenities for travelers, making it a comfortable starting point for their expedition. In the surrounding area, you’ll find food stations, inns, and restaurants, perfect for pre- or post-climb gatherings. To reach the jumping-off point, a 30-minute drive along Bayabas Road, leading to Barangay Tagurano and further towards Tiki Tagu, is required. Commuters using tricycles can expect a fare of around 150 pesos per person for a single trip.

Appealing trail classification

Battlefield Peak offers various trails, ranging from easy paths to more challenging circuits. Enthusiasts can explore advanced trail routes, testing their skills in balanced footwork and precise body coordination. This guide is tailored for beginners looking to experience the Battlefield trail.

Despite its beginner-friendly label, this trail can become challenging during rainy weather, turning into a perilous terrain with slippery, muddy paths. While leech encounters are minimal compared to advanced routes, caution is crucial in the rugged landscape with imposing rocks and uneven trails.

Drawing trail runners, hikers, and nature lovers, Battlefield Peak provides a natural escape from urban life. The journey unfolds through different trails, offering a unique experience based on your chosen path. For beginners, the direct route to Battlefield Trail is a shorter path, starting from the Quiboy Dunggu-anan jump-off area. Along the way, you’ll encounter side trips, such as Zab’s Pool and Kamp Perpekto.

Direct route to Battlefield

Zab’s Pool, a less frequented spot, offers exceptional views and a bamboo house deck for relaxation. Angel’s View Deck, a popular oasis, provides snacks, refreshments, and a picture-friendly view deck with a high swing for added excitement.

Further along the trail, you’ll find Kampo Rasta and Angel’s View. Kampo Rasta offers a camping site with protective fencing, while 7-Eleben is a quaint store with an ecstatic view and swing. 7-Eleben is a refreshment area offering snaks and meals to wait. They also sell vegetables fresh from their harvest. Capitol (Kape-tol) is a favored camping spot with clean restrooms and water supply. The journey concludes at Battlefield Peak and Cafe, offering local delicacies in a garden setting.

For extended stays, the adjacent Nurse Station provides cottages and a large camping ground for tent camping, ideal for stargazing.

Journey Duration

The climb from Quimbo jump-off to Battlefield typically takes 2 to 3 hours, with the return journey taking an hour or less.

Alternative Routes

For those seeking added adventure, an alternative and more challenging route is available through the Saag Trail leading to the Morata Circuit Trail, another is the river trail, and the monkey trail allowing deeper exploration of Battlefield Peak’s captivating terrain. 

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