Manakaay Ug Bukid

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Manakaay Ug Bukid

Manakaay ug Bukid are Bisaya words originated from the Phlippines. The word Manakaay means a climber, while Bukid means a mountain. To put it together means a mountain climber.

Moreover, the word manakaay is also an action verb that refers to a person who is passionate about climbing or has a strong leaning to climb despite the risks. The term is often associated with people who love big adventures, trails and great nature enthusiasts.

We created this site for people who love adventures. We have Tours section to cater your climbing interests. We will take care of organizing your climb schedules, and coordinate with your queries.

We will help coordinate with your schedules and to choose an itinerary and transportation ideal for your pleasure stay and visit.

We will make sure that you will be able to discover exciting spots and activities to expend their energy and also to measure the extent of their abilities.

To experience the awe and wonder of nature and understand, gain insights into some connections and meaning of this world, and finally find enjoyment and relaxation in peace and solidarity with nature.