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Battlefield trail

Battlefield Trail located in Tagurano is an avid practice sport for hikers, trail runners, motorsports, and including nature-lovers, oldies, and children who wish to experience a basic trail with a tinge of a challenge. 




Fit to Climb



  • Climb this basic trail to prepare for a major event.
  • Experience cold weather with fogs and at times sea of clouds.
  • Meet many same-minded nature enthusiasts passionate of outdoors along the trail.


A 3-4 hours hike from the jumpoff to Battlefield passing along iconic sites for picture-taking and refreshments. These are some of the places to enjoy for a quick stop over:

  • Zab’s Pool
  • Angel’s View
  • 7-Eleben
  • Capitol
  • Battlefield


For a more advanced hiking experience exploring the Saag Trail circuit, you will pass by:

  • Lantaw Dabaw
  • Walaway Viewdeck
  • Morata Campsite

Price includes

  • Guiding fee
  • Snacks
  • Transportation

Price details

Price Does Not Include:


Additional preferences

We can discuss on the following add-ons if you need them:

Porter to carry your bag


Option 1: Battlefield backtrail

6:00 am – Assembly

12:00 nn – Lunch at Battlefield

1:00 pm – Backtrail to jumpoff  area


Option 2: Battlefield traverse

6:00 am – Assembly

12:00 nn – Lunch

1:00 pm – Saag trail

3:00 pm – Back to jumpoff area

Additional details

For those with vehicles, you can park them along the road or at Tiki Tagu parking area.

For no vehicles, transportation to the start of the trip can be arranged.

Things you will need to bring:
Water bottle
Rain jacket in case of change of weather
Bring extra money

Conservation Rules

  • Leave No Trace (LNT). Bring your own trash bag and take it home with you.
  • Respect other guests by avoiding loud music, especially during sleeping hours.
  • Do not pick plants or flowers.


This is a relatively beginner’s trail where new hikers can start practicing their footwork and endurance in the trail. Though it is still advisable to have a good amount of exercise prior to the climb. 

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